I’ll be honest with you:

Smartphones are helping everyone take more and better photos. Resolutions are getting clearer and there are at least three apps I love that offer wonderful photo editing tools (even Snapchat is taking a page out of Photoshop’s book!)

And this is great! As I mentioned above, capturing life’s moments is what attracted me to photography in the first place. Our phones are great for snapping those on-the-fly moments: a child’s first T-ball game or a video of a baby’s first steps. We’re all fortunate to have the ability to preserve these things in the palm of your hand. Yay technology! 

But some things in life are precious enough to lend a little more care to, and that’s where I’ll come in. I want to help you preserve feelings. The hope and love between an engaged couple. The pride of a father watching his children grow. The sheer bliss of new parents watching a baby sleep. So I’ll tag along as you and your fiancé revisit the restaurant where you shared your first date. I’ll follow your family around as you take a walk around your neighborhood. I’ll come over and shoot newborn pictures right in your baby’s freshly decorated nursery. We’ll plan with care, so the day of the shoot you are comfortable enough for those emotions to show through. 

From a technical standpoint, I’ll also make sure that the lighting is just perfect in your newborn’s nursery. I’ll shoot from the right angle when you visit your first-date spot so your favorite booth is featured as well. I’ll make sure your family’s neighborhood walk happens at the exact right time of day, and that your outfits don’t clash with each other or your surroundings. This way when you look back in 10 years your memories aren’t tainted with thoughts of, “I like this picture, but if only we’d had a little more light…”

So by all means, keep capturing life with your phone. I certainly still will. 

But if you want to look back at your engagement photos and feel the anticipation, if you want to hear your son’s laughter as he skips down the sidewalk, or smell that beautiful new baby smell through your photos, I’d love to help you create beautiful memories.